The healing power of plants

Plants have been used for thousands of years to prevent and treat diseases all over the world. Famous ancient doctors such as Hippocrates and Avicenna used medically active plants. In Asia, herbal medicine has played an important role for centuries. Nowadays herbal medicine is gaining more and more followers among physicians and the population all over the world.

The active plant ingredients are mainly obtained from the stems, leaves and roots of the plants. When used properly, the remedies derived from this offer a broad spectrum of health benefits and usually cause fewer side effects such as synthetically produced medicine. Herbal health products have a much gentler effect than conventional chemically manufactured products. This is mainly due to the fact that the active substances are not present in isolation but are connected to other substances present in the plant. These components are also called phytocomplexes and it is precisely these phytocomplexes that are responsible for the “gentle” therapeutic effect and fewer side effects.

It is important to note that herbal remedies may not be completely harmless. Self-medication can therefore be potentially harmful as some plants may have toxic effects, but these products are usually only available on prescription. In the case of plant-based herbal remedies which are freely available for sale, care should be taken to ensure that these products have an official marketability certificate and have been manufactured under GMP conditions.

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