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Turmeric is a yellow root extract known as an essential element of curry mixtures and has been a component of Ayurveda for centuries and is an important part of the diet in Asia. The main active ingredients that are found in turmeric rhizomes are curcuminoids.

The curcumin (diferuloylmethane) contained in turmeric is the colouring component of the turmeric plant. Curcumin, as a secondary plant substance, is increasingly becoming the focus of leading universities with regard to its importance for nutrition.

However, there is a major obstacle:
Curcumin reaches only very low concentrations in the organism, even after ingestion of large quantities, and thus has extremely poor absorption in the organism.

One of the most important properties of modern nutritional supplements is their resorption property – resulting in the so-called “bioavailability”, i. e. the degree to which a substance is actually absorbed by the body and thus becomes available. Without good absorption, the effectiveness of the respective substance is greatly reduced and most of it leaves the body unused.

Bioavailability therefore is a key factor:
The curcumin contained in CurcumaNova is embedded in micelles (small “bubbles”) which are more easily absorbed by the body without the active ingredients being chemically modified.

Rather, the patented process produces a structure of these substances similar to nature, with the result that the bioavailability is about 180 times higher than that of conventional curcumin powder, accompanied by absorption in the organism about 6.8 times faster than that of conventional curcumin powder.

The technological evolution was developed in a research project at the University of Hohenheim, funded by the German Government.

Micelles for transporting curcumin

Micelles are located in the intestine and serve as transport vehicles for the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. This function was modeled on artificial, so-called product micelles and leads to a massive increase in the bioavailability of ImmunoMax®CurcumaNova.